Meet Melissa



A born and raised Ohio girl who loves her Jeep, cafe ole’, lake life, adopting Airedale Terriers, country running and inspiring words. Oh, and dancin’ in the kitchen!

I am most proud of the little piece of “God’s Country” I get to share with my amazing husband, Rob, and our three boys: Payton, Caden and Karsyn. They have all given me the gift of not taking myself too seriously and help me to laugh out loud – daily.

A Little Behind the Scenes

Over the years I have been asked how I balance work life and family life. I will be honest and say- I probably don’t. Work life and home life being separate is not my jam. My work life and home life are one, and my purpose aligns with both.

My usual day consists of waking up in the morning to write or read, getting on the treadmill and listening to the news of the day, throwing in a load of laundry, watching my youngest get on the bus and then racing off to the office with my cafe ole’ in hand and podcast singing in my ears.

I open my office door to emails, business plans, meetings with my team and managing the work day. Ladies, you know the day does not end at 5:00 pm….. right? Let’s carry on…

Next, it’s arriving home to grab a bite to eat as we drive to the soccer field, where I put on my running shoes and focus some time on me. When we arrive home, I finish the day developing products and ideas for my business.

Which takes me back to my point earlier:

“I have three kids, a dog, a husband, an extended family that I cherish, and a job and business I love. This is my crazy life!”

My Passion and Experience

My passions and experiences don’t quite fit in the traditional box. In my work life and education, I have gone from being Master’s-degree trained in Exercise Science and Fitness Management, a fitness trainer and business owner, to an Executive Director in Healthcare with a Master’s in Business. I break all the conventional rules!

As an Executive Director in the Healthcare Industry, Entrepreneur, Writer, Educator and Creative Spirit, my goal is to move, motivate and inspire working women to become more in their personal and professional life. This is why I started my coaching business, “Become More.”


Come on, Let’s Walk This Path Together

Let’s be real for a moment- This journey can either have a whole lotta suck, or a whole lotta beautiful – so I want to help guide and lift you to grow.

Whether you are beginning a new project at work, developing strategies for business growth, discovering your inner purpose, looking for well-being, or searching for strength to face challenges, I am here to support you.

You will quickly discover, I believe women have a commitment to learn from one another and build one another up. So, this is a platform for you to feel safe growing and sharing, my friends.

I promise to deliver the most inspiring articles and tips to your inbox weekly, a motivating podcast, powerful guidebooks, creative coaching and trainings, special product offers, valuable insights and more!

We will walk this path together as we laugh loudly, share tears, virtually hug, cheer one another on, and experience a lot of growth. I am all in with you!

I love sharing with friends, so here are 10 things you might not know about me…

  1. My favorite coffee drink: Cafe Ole’
  2. Food I want on a Friday night: Fried Chicken
  3. My drink of choice when out with friends: Margarita with salt on the rim
  4. Person I can’t wait to meet: Coach K- Duke Basketball Coach
  5. My go-to clothes after work: T-shirt and my comfy pants
  6. My ideal Sunday morning: Drinking coffee/reading then taking off on my morning run
  7. My favorite Vacation Destination: Lake Norris, TN
  8. #1 on my Bucket List: Hawaiian Vacation with my family
  9. The one beauty item I can’t live without: My straightener
  10. What would I tell my younger self? You got this!

I get fired up to embrace women for who they are. I get excited to enlighten women to grow personally and professionally. And, I am focused on encouraging women, like you, to become more.

I am excited to Become More with you!



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