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This live, workshop style podcast gives you tangible tools to Become More in your life, career, and business. In this show, Melissa and her guests share actionable leadership strategies guiding you to greater purpose, success, motivation, health, and high achievement. From business strategies and career advice, to tackling failure and disappointment we cover it all. These real-life, valuable take-aways will move and motivate you to become more and live inspired. Support this podcast:
6 Reasons You Also Need An Executive Coach
by Melissa Smalley

Coaching is not just for the professional athletes or C-Suite business professionals. Moms to college graduates, business leaders and team leads are seeking coaches.

Coaching can take many forms. There are group sessions or individual sessions. Sessions can be in person, on the phone, or over the internet.

One thing is definite, coaching is very valuable to your life. If you want to maximize your potential, gain clarity and focus, achieve your dreams or goals faster, be accountable to your desires, get motivation to succeed, and increase confidence, a coach is your answer .

My experience coaching made me realize that I could read all the books I wanted, attend training courses and seminars, but the real progress came with my coach.

This podcast is going to discuss how coaching can help you!


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6 Reasons You Also Need An Executive Coach
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