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  1. Mauzahn1 year ago

    He had a truly massive publicity apparatus and unprecedented fundraising success in a state where the demographics were already shifting in his favor (none of that was true for either of the others! but he still couldn’t close the deal. Following that blueprint in 2020 just seems like begging for “we looked great losing or “we really should’ve won.”

  2. Shazil1 year ago

    Disqus and LinkedIn are my social media presence. I have no pictures regarding my wife on either.

  3. Fenribei
    Fenribei1 year ago

    This is terrible. One wonders if foul play were involved. She sounds like a person with a purpose, which suggests suicide is unlikely. On the other hand, depression can strike anyone and can lead to suicide. Depression is treatable though. France has a pretty good medical system. You'd think she would have sought help if she were depressed. It would be worth asking if she had any history of depression before writing this off as a suicide IMO.

  4. Kazishakar
    Kazishakar1 year ago

    Very beautiful pussy

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