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  1. Takree1 year ago

    fucking sexyyy why u brteak up mmm you should still be fucking her dammm

  2. Sagul
    Sagul1 year ago

    Link or title to scene at 3:40?

  3. Vorisar1 year ago

    Nope. No matter what not the same. Ladies can jizz just from watching a chick's pretty face down there eating it. That's not happening with a man. No matter what you do. On top of the supah soft pretty lips, tounge and mouth abilities guys don't even know about. Don't have it. When I eat a lady it never takes me longer than 5 mins to get her to cascade down my mouth. Guys usually take about 30 and that's if they get her to jizz at all.

  4. Nizil1 year ago

    her butt is too ideal. my dick didn't stand a chance.

  5. Mikara1 year ago

    but but. you displayed your face sucking, y u no display tits too!

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