Bullet Grid Journal (Floral)

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Go beyond a basic planner and embrace this Dot Journal as a creative tool to transform your life with grit and grace.

Do you have trouble organizing your work-life and home-life in one planner?

Is your to-do-list scattered on post-it notes, papers, or apps?

Are you frustrated searching for your notes from meetings, projects or kids schedules?

Me too!

But, I found the dot journal.

What the heck is a dot journal?

It is a daily planner, habit tracker, organizer, calendar, journal, agenda and notebook all wrapped up in one. This unique planner is a bullet grid journal that allows you space to keep all of your to-do’s in one space.

Benefits of this Dot Journal:
  • Organize your life to live in the present.
  • Plan for your future with intention.
  • Reflect on what matters with grit and grace.
  • Perfect for a tote bag or purse and for home, school, and work.

If you are new to this method, this dot journal gives you a simple guide on how to start and use it.

Features Include:
  • Basics and Benefits of Dot Journaling
  • Decorative Headers
  • Key Pages
  • Index Pages
  • Future View
  • Daily View
  • Weekly Review
  • Quarterly Review
  • Blank Dot Pages for Collections- like

Habit Trackers •Goals• Gratitude Space• Grocery Lists• Kids Activities• And More!

This 6×9 journal with a soft matte finished cover has 186 pages to help you to not only organize your life but live your life with grit and grace.


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