Living Inspired A Guided Journal To Let Go And Live Inspired

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While many of us know journal writing is beneficial, it is a difficult habit to start.

Knowing what to write can be challenging for women. Sitting down to a blank page creates anxiety.
If this sounds like you- this guided journal is for you.

The Living Inspired guided journal is a beautifully illustrated writing journal with these features:

•A collection of prompts.

•Thought provoking exercises.

•Inspiring activities. 

•Original quotes from the author.

All of which help you dive deeper into your thoughts, feelings,  goals, and ideas. 

Most women who have completed this guided journal said they loved it due to the ease of use.

Benefits of the guided journal:

•The ease of use takes the stress out of knowing how to create on a blank page to approach your mindfulness.

•Encourages the creative and playful side while helping you work towards goals and sustainable habits.

•Helps you reduce stress, improve your mood, build confidence, reach goals, and improve your well-being.

My hope for you is that your journaling experience will move you to slow down, let go, and give yourself permission to live inspired!

The 52-week guided journal acts as a gratitude journal, happiness journal, inspirational journal, quote journal, journal for self-reflection an more!

It is time to reflect in and learn about your limiting beliefs, gain perspective on your happiness, discover your dreams and desires, and unlock your inner purpose.

Living Inspired is the journal for you!


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